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LICENSED and Demo users of Phoenix can use this page to download the latest version as well as versions for other Operating Systems.

Select the proper download below.

Latest version is Phoenix 2.10.5 OSX with Pro Tools 8.x and earlier. Pro Tools 9 compatibility info COMING SOON!

Version 2.10.5 supports both Intel and PPC Mac platforms.  It is a Universal Binary Installer.

Also has dual Pro Tools 6/7 binary. Supports mono, stereo, and 
5.1 multichannel tracks.

Installer for automatic installation into your plugin directory or compressed stuffit for manual installation. This version will automatically detect and use your TDM hardware, Whether it is HD or Accel.

Download Phoenix 2.10.5 Universal Installer Latest Version!
Phoenix 2.10.5Universal Binary Installer

Download compressed zip (unzip into plugin directory for manual install) compressed zip formanual installation into plugin directory.

Latest version is Phoenix 2.1.2.  Works with PT8 and earlier for Windows.
Download  Windows Installer. Latest Version!

Please navigate to our D-Show page for D-Show related downloads.

MacOS 9
Latest (and last) version is Phoenix 2.0.
Download here.

Older Versions

Note: These files are available for specific hardware support and requirements only. Download The latest version above unless you are specifically directed or you have a specific need for anolder version.

PREVIOUS VERSION:  PPC/Intel Universal PT 6/7 dual support
Phoenix 2.4.3Installer

If you are running PT6, and having trouble with the 2.1.3 dual binary, download 2.1.2 below, it is functionally the same, without PT7 support.

Phoenix 2.1.2  OSX Installer   for Pro Tools 6  series (not compatible with PT7).

Phoenix 2.0.1 for OSX
Phoenix 2.0.2 for OSX (First vers with HD Accel Support)
Phoenix 2.0.6 for OSX
Phoenix 2.1.0 for OSX (First vers with 5.1 support)

Phoenix 2.0.2 for Windows
Phoenix 2.1.0 Installer for Windows 

Download 2.1.0 zip file here.

Phoenix Manual
Download here.

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Nov 26, 2007: Phoenix 2.10.5 Universal Binary released. Fixes rare DSP allocation bug.

Nov 14, 2006:Phoenix 2.4.3: Phoenix 2.4.3 Universal Binary released!

Phoenix 2.1.0 forWindows Released Jan 14, 2005.

Phoenix OSX and Windows Installers Now Available!

Phoenix 2.1.0 for OSX Available. 5.1 support. Auto Delay CompensationSupport, PT 6.4,6.7. Windows version soon...

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